Cornetti (Italian Croissants)

I lived in Italy for training two years ago.I always wonder Italian culture,literature,art,foods,drinks…But I saw, looked,touched and lived.These are different emotion.For example; Italian cuisine is important for delicious:) I think you shall definitely try the Italian dishes.


Firstly,when I walked in Italian streets I saw croissants.I stoped.I think these are interesting for me so I tasted croissants. The same name “cornetto”.Almost,you can see croissants in cafe.Small shops or cafe in a charming image.If you want ,you can eat only croissants or use special cream, chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce and jam.


It was an unforgettable flavor.You’ll want to eat croissants everyday:) If you gain weight ,don’t be surprise:)Italian people are usually eat croissants in a breakfast with coffe ,espresso or cappuccino .But I prefer to eat croissants in evening with Nutella 🙂

One day ,You must try;)

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